Post-it verde pallido – Fight or Flight

English post-it. No Italian translation! For “The Daily Post”.
Biggest torture ever, you name is roller-coaster, my dear.

Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight
Biggest torture ever, you name is roller-coaster, my dear.

This year I went to Gardaland, a theme park on the Lake Garda. I would have fully enjoyed the trip but… that day I rode for the first time a roller-coaster. I went to the theme park with my best friends, and the same day I swore that I would never ever try again this kind of carousel again.

At first I felt nervous but also very excited. There were few guys ahead of us and the people on the roller-coaster was screaming. All over the park there were only screaming people, I could hear them in the distance. It was only the second time in a theme park for me.
There were times when I was really scared! I tried to be ironic, to not be so tense, but the carriage of the roller-coaster was moving over my head while a lot of guys was letting out very loud screams, but even so people seemed to enjoy the ride. So I tried it. My best friend Ricky took the seat next to mine and asked: “You okay, right? Are you sure that you want that seat?”, so I answered: “Yes, it’s all right… I’m only a bit sick”.
I regret it. Not only I felt REALLY sick, but I became so pale that when the ride ended my friends asked me: “Are you really okay? The toilets are near the roller-coaster, do you want to go there…?”. I was embarassed. I gave another chance to the roller-coaster called “Fuga da Atlantide” (the other was “Mammuth”), but it was the biggest torture, even worse than the first maybe. I screamed so much that at the end Ricky asked me while laughing: “Were you the one emitting ultrasounds?!”. I was pale as a sheet. I will never try another roller-coaster, never. =|


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