Post-it grigio fumo – Take it from me

English post-it. No Italian translation, sorry. Daily Prompt: Take it from me.
“Listen to him, always” I once said to a friend who had a quarrel with her boyfriend.

Daily Prompt: Take It From Me
“Listen to him, always” I once said to a friend who had a quarrel with her boyfriend.
I was always said “First thing, you should hear all the involved bells”, as saying that before judging who’s right or wrong you should listen to both. I try to do it, but sometimes it’s really difficult. Also, wrongs are not always one-sided, so it’s easy to fail and misjudging.

Recently, I think I did it. I misjudged my (ex) boyfriend. It wasn’t going on for long, we were together only for a few months. We knew each other on New Year holidays when we went with our mutual friends in France to celebrate New Year. It was almost June when I left him: he was a little too demanding, and I was under pressure because of the “Esame di Stato” (in Italy you take it at the end of high school – when you’re almost 19 or 20 years old). It’s one of the most important exams in a person’s life and I wasn’t exactly an excellent student; he wasn’t an excellent student too, but our schools where different and so his type of exam – far more simple than mine, and I don’t say it without proofs. I was always with my nose in the books, nervous and in a bad mood. So when he contacted me through Facebook (something I really hate itself) saying in a awful manner that “We can’t go on like this”, I thought: “Get lost!” (I was very angry) and said far more calm than what I was: “Ok, I’m sorry it ended up like this”, and our not-so-great love story ended like this. He was too persistent, but I regret it a little… We would have overcomed it in a way or another If only I had listened to him, maybe. But the infatuated one was me, and he didn’t contact me after that. I was too busy with the exam to do it myself, and now when we are with our mutual friends we act as If nothing happened. A little sad, but that’s it.


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