Post-it giallo – Remember, remember…

Childhood revised.


My early memory is not pleasant. It’s from kindergarten, when I had problems with food. There was a nun that was always angry at me because I didn’t want to eat my lunch.  Continua a leggere “Post-it giallo – Remember, remember…”

Post-it nero – Silhouettes

Silhouette and an Halloween-ish Christmas?!

But I’m already there,
I’m already there,
Wherever there is you,
I will be there too.

Silhouettes – Of Monsters and Men

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Post-it grigio metallo – Too much.

Flash news and secondhand serenade.

It’s been two days, already.

Two days full of things – yeah, they happen sometimes, even to someone like me. These days were not particularly happy, I had many arguments with my parents and even friends, sometimes I avoided it using silence as a shield, becoming a shell. Some other times I couldn’t avoid it. Continua a leggere “Post-it grigio metallo – Too much.”