Post-it grigio – It’s a foggy day.

Today is a foggy day.


So, I don’t know how many people read through the pages of my blog, but for those who doesn’t know it I must say one thing: I live in the so called Pianura Padana, in Italy. There’s even a Party in Italy who would like to create the ‘Padania’ – a big country made of the northern regions of Italy, with Milan as the main city.

A very big, fat, silly thought in my opinion.

But this is not the point. The real point is that I found out how you can translate the name of my lovely Pianura Padana in English: Po Valley. Seriously? I’m getting cramps, this name is so funny – and if you want to ask why… well, I don’t know, actually. Probably because it doesn’t have any connection with the Italian name, even if it makes sense. After all, the River Po really goes through this region.
Still, it’s too funny. Sorry, guys.

Now, you’re probably thinking “And then, what’s the point of this post? Are you making fun of us?”. No, I’m not making fun of any of you, don’t worry. It’s something I found while making a brief research about fog.

Yes, fog.

You probably don’t know it, guys, but the Pianura Padana (sorry, I can’t call it Po Valley, it beats me) is very foggy in the fall and winter season. Actually, you know it’s getting really cold when fog appears – and then you can say ‘Byeee’ to your nose, fingers, cheeks and every part of your body that is doomed to meet the fresh air of Italian winter.

You want proof of how thick it can be? Here it is.

Early fall and today – almost winter. The tree in front of the window of my bedroom helps me to keep track of seasons. It’s not so distant, some meters actually, and it’s very big with a lot of branches. It has beautiful green leafs in summer, so vivid and brilliant.
Instead, in winter it grows wildly, and in foggy days as today seems like it came out from a horror movie. It’s almost scary, hidden like this in the fog, don’t you think?


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