Post-it grigio metallo – Too much.

Flash news and secondhand serenade.


It’s been two days, already.

Two days full of things – yeah, they happen sometimes, even to someone like me. These days were not particularly happy, I had many arguments with my parents and even friends, sometimes I avoided it using silence as a shield, becoming a shell. Some other times I couldn’t avoid it.

But. There’s always ‘but’.
Even if I argued, even if I cried and my eyes are still swollen and red, still I am happy – yeah, I’m happy. Or at least I am happy at this precise moment. If you ask me why I can answer only like this: because of a song I found in an old folder of my new hard disk.


‘Secondhand Serenade’ is obviously about love, a type of song I’m not fond of. It’s not that I dislike love songs, but most of the time they are always too sweet. In Italian I could say they are ‘mielose’ (‘too much honey’), that is no good, of course.
So, why? Simply because it was a real surprise to find it where it should not have been.

And I’m tired of being all alone, and this solitary moment
makes me want to come back home.

It seems like it brought back something along with it, I don’t know. It’s a strange feeling.

Flash-news: yesterday I’ve become a proud iMac owner. I feel a little guilty because it’s something really expensive but it will surely help me to achieve my goal… Mom, Dad, I promise I will take good care of it! I mean it. Thank you – even if we argue a lot these days.

Autore: stanjour_

Valentina, 1992 // Post-it addicted // Graphic, (Copy)Writing, Literature, Photography, Comics & manga, Japanese culture

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