Post-it nero – Silhouettes

Silhouette and an Halloween-ish Christmas?!


But I’m already there,
I’m already there,
Wherever there is you,
I will be there too.

Silhouettes – Of Monsters and Men


Surprise, surprise!

Happy Christmas
and happy (almost) New Year!

I know, I’m really late – sorry guys – but as Italians say, it’s better late than never.

It’s been a very busy period, not only because of Christmas and such. My mind is full and I still feel on verge of exploding from one moment to another, mainly because of the many projects I’m working on for my Graphic classes, but I’m trying to stay positive and, well, think about it without exploding. Even now thinking about them make me dizzy [add a ‘sigh’ here, please].
I’ll do my best…

Meanwhile in my free-time (… I don’t really have free-time, I should work on my assignments but still…) I’m focusing on something else, as photography. The one on top of this post-it is mine, actually. Photography’s one of the things that fascinates me the most and I’m trying to bring out the best from my digital camera (it’s a Nikon D7000, a reflex) and myself. I started with one of the projects I’m still doing for my Photography class’s teacher – a so called still-life – and then I re-read the camera’s manual from the first page. I found out some interesting stuff and I even bought a tripod!
You should be able to hear my satisfaction from wherever you are, my dear friend, really.

The one in this post-it is the result of an evening experiment. I found really hard working without the light of the sun – I’m not used to some settings – but while I was taking this photograph I thought “Wow, this street light looks like the eye of a (cat-)monster!”. I must say that I used Lightroom to modify it, but I really like the result. Straight out from an horror/supernatural story! Don’t you think?

Something like ‘monsters follow you everywhere you go’.

What makes my laugh is that it’s Christmas time and I took an Halloween-ish photo, ahah! I even matched the lines of a song I’m listening to a lot in this period. I found it here and I fell in love with it… (SPOILER! Once Upon a Time is my favorite show, I’m still mourning for the death of a certain character [insert a lot of sobbing here, thanks]).

That’s all for now folks (cit.)!Not really ‘all’, but almost. See you soon!
Stay healthy and happy New Year!




Autore: stanjour_

Valentina, 1992 // Post-it addicted // Graphic, (Copy)Writing, Literature, Photography, Comics & manga, Japanese culture

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