Guide – categories & tags

This will be a Guide for people who would like to read my blog
Reader: – But your blog it’s written in Italian!
– Yes, it’s written in Italian, but not every post because I like English and every now and then I like to write English posts with the Italian translation (or viceversa). So you can read them If you’re interested, my dear Reader.

I thought about it, and I decided to organize this little Guide translating the names of my tags and categories, so that the Reader can freely choose. Tags and categories already written in English won’t have a translation (yeah, I know, it’s stupid to say, but I wanted to be clear).

Italian version > English translation

  • Angolo dello scrittore > Writer’s Corner
    I need space for my stories. So here it is the Category where you can find all of them.
  • Chiacchiere > Chit-chat
    It’s a main category (or Parent Category, on WordPress): it’s a collection of everything (really!), and it’s not unusual that it’s used for every little post. Not all the posts have an English translation, most of all are written mainly in Italian.
  • Chiacchiere in libertà > Free to chit-chat
    (Parent Category: Chiacchiere) It can be said that this category collects post (also called by me “post-it”) that talks about my real life: what I do, what I think, what I say, photos, various pics, eventually even videos. Everything about my private life, can be said. Mainly in Italian.
  • Daily prompt
    Daily Prompt is a main category I use to mark the posts related to the “famous” WordPress blog: The Daily Post – The Art and Craft of Blogging.
    I’d like to join the community, but I don’t know If Italian people is allowed. I tweeted them at their twitter account but they didn’t replied, so I decided to link them in every post I write concerned with the Daily Prompt and Weekly Challenge. It’s related to the tag: postaday, official tag for this kind of posts in all WordPress.
  • English
    Main category. I think it’s obvious: it collects all the posts that contains material written in English language, or quotes, or photos, etc etc.
  • Un momento di serietà > A moment to be serious
    For serious things. It’s 19th November (2015) now, as I modify this page. It’s been six days since the Paris Attacks. There was not a Category suited for such a tragic moment, so I felt the need to create one.

Italian version > English translation
I decided to add the english translation only in this page of the blog, because creating the english tag and the italian tag for the same post is “a bit too much”, in my opinion. As for the Category Guide, I’ll add the link to the tags, so you will be able to read only the posts you are most interested in.
All the posts (post-it) written in English have the tags: english posts or/and translation, generally.
I think tags don’t need an introduction – or rather they wouldn’t be tags, I think.

That’s all for now! :D Reply If you want further informations!


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